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 Meet Doc! 
 Here is one superb piece of horse-flesh. This boy has a pedigree like not many have and a temperament that you can't help but like. He is a five year old stallion that has been coming along with training like you can't imagine. He is bred for cutting and roping and other ranch work. He is also standing as stud. The stud fee is $1200.00

 Meet Frisky! 
 Here is a gentle little lady who just loves to please her master. She is easily driven or 
ridden by big or small! Both of my younger sisters grew up on this pony and they both loved her! She is a five year old mare that just loves attention!

 Meet Apache!
Apache is a big beautiful gelding that is part Quarter Horse and part Halflinger! You just about can't beat his looks and you for sure can't beat him in a race!!  He's one of those go to horses that you can always count on.  He also loves to be scratched on his 

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